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This Product is no longer offered. If you have data stored in the app you wish to retain please contact us for assistance in recovery of the textual data.

This mobile Wiki server is a fully functional Wiki hosted on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.  Content can be as simple as words, or more complex such as formatted text, up to including audio/video, PDF, and JavaScript. The optional use of raw HTML and style sheets allows you to create very complex pages, even for example a Twitter Client. or a personal blog for local sharing. Technically it is incorrect to call this application a Wiki, it is a true Content Management System (CMS).

Not only can you interact with the Wiki using the touch screen via the Browser Screen, you can serve Wiki pages in a WiFi network to other users.  You can also export the Wiki and load it onto a desktop machine (macintosh, Windows, or Linux) and run the desktop version of our WikiServer, then export that Wiki and load it back onto your device.

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