Mobile Wiki Server - 1.5.3

iPhone & iPad


This Product is no longer offered.

1.5.3. iPad version, April 1st 2010

  1. (a)The iPad version is functionally the same as the iPhone 1.5.2 version. The difference is in the Environment setting, we do not enable Safari meta-data to do scaling of the web view.

1.5.2, This shipped Mar 3rd, 2010.

  1. (a)Ensure if we turn off sleep mode that it actually *IS* turned off so the device won’t sleep.

1.5.1, This shipped Feb 8th, 2010.

  1. (a)Enable sleep mode setting (but) was non-functional.

  2. (a)Fix problem where first character of Page title was mangled by UTF8 decoder so if it was a unicode value it would be damaged. This only affected people using characters other than the roman alphabet.

1.5.0, This shipped Nov 10th, 2009.

  1. (a)We added the ability to select a photo from the device’s Photo library, the Roll, or if supported the Camera

  2. (b)We added more +value:+ attributes so you can pull back the device’s location & heading information either when the page is rendered, or at the time the page was created.

  3. (c)External Link shortcuts like to googleMaps, see our Syntax Page.

  4. (d)If you submit diagnostic information we include the device console log for advanced debugging purposes.


  1. (a)Attempting to export the Wiki before saving is not allowed, before this would cause the export to lockup.

Desktop versions are found HERE

1.4.5, This shipped Sept 30th, 2009.

  1. (a)We added a Do not Sleep feature to the Settings so that you can indicate that the WikiServer should not sleep when the device is not connected to a USB power source.  Normally if you let your device sleep that halts the CPU which stop it’s ability to serve pages to external WiFi users.


  1. (a)A race condition between the status screen field updates and touch events could cause the application to freeze.

  2. (b)In low memory situations the status screen was not fully rendered. 

1.4.4 This shipped Aug 7th 2009.

New features

We added an “email diagnostics” button to the Status Screen. This lets you directly email technical support and will attach any WikiServer diagnostic log we find on the device to the email. This only works if you have email configured for the device.

The auto-save feature now updates the status area with “Saving”. After a Save Failed, you can attempt a save again.


  1. (a)The Wiki command on the device now renders and saves accented characters correctly.

  2. (b)A rare condition that caused “Save failed” was fixed.

1.4.3 This shipped July 27th 2009.


The biggest change is the ability to export your wiki data from the device, then import that data to another device running WikiServer or to a desktop machine that is running the desktop version of WikiServer. The desktop machine can be macintosh, Linux, or Windows based. This lets you build a custom Wiki on a high powered machine, then export it and re-import to your iPhone or iPod touch, or build a custom Wiki and give it to multiple iPhone users.

Our next change is turning on security, so you can choose to give the public the ability to edit the Wiki, or not, so the Wiki can be read-only for devices in a WiFi network, and lastly we removed the Apply button which some people reported as confusing. Now you only have Save or Cancel when doing edit operations on the Wiki.

New features

We added a Component report that lets you audit all the internal & external links in the Wiki. See Component "Pier System" -> Links


(a) A permission problem usage with the picture link so you can add this component to any page.

(b) After restart the first auto-save would overwrite the last generation of data versus creating a new generation.