Mobile Wiki Server - Import/Export

for iPhone



The import/export component allows you to export the Wiki data from the device to a file, a *.wikizip. Then you can import that Wiki data to another device or the desktop version of WikiServer.

You cannot import/export data directly on the device because you cannot select a file or indicate where a file would be created. If you attempt this you will get the “Import/Export is not allowed on the device” error page.

You should always make a backup of your device using Apple’s iTunes application before you import Wiki data. Importing Wiki data will delete all data in the Wiki and is not undoable.

Although you can export your existing Wiki before doing an import, we strongly suggest you always perform the iTunes backup to ensure a problem in the WikiServer import/export logic does not cause you to loose your data.

To export the data, tap the Export button using a remote browser, this will create and download a *.wikizip file. This make take some time and we will show an activity in progress indicator on the device as we are creating the wikizip file.

To import the data, tap the “Choose File” button and select the *.wikizip file, then tap the “Import” button. This will delete the existing Wiki on the device and replace the Wiki with the Wiki that is contained in the *.wikizip file.

A *.wikizip file may contain uncompressed data, it can be compressed/zipped which might result in a smaller file for emailing.


Sometimes the import will fail to restart the Wiki view. If this happens you might see the WikiServer stuck in “Saving Wiki”.  If so restart the Wiki and confirm that the import actually did work correctly.  An actual import or save failure *should* result in an error message.

The wiki has to be first altered before export will work. If you start up WikiServer using the default wiki and attempt an export you will get a message saying that it is not allowed.


We note this does not prevent someone from using the import/export feature to export data, or import data even if you have setup WikiServer to be read only. You should delete any import/export page to prevent this from happening.