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Welcome to the Squeak Smalltalk-80 documentation book. You can either view the book on the device or read the book via another device's web browser over WiFi. For Pharo Squeak users we have a Pharo book.

To use the book click on the top menus starting from left to right.

The first menu is the System category, the next is the Class name, the third menu is the Class category, and the last menu selects a method. We assume you are familiar with a Smalltalk system and would be familiar with these terms.

If no item is selected in a menu it will display (none), however in the third menu (Class category) you can select the special item --all-- to list all  the class's methods in the fourth menu.

showing (none)

showing --all-- in Class category menu

The three buttons below the menus

Let you see the instance side methods, the class side methods, and lastly 'comments' shows the Class's comment, if any.  Not all Classes have comments so it may show a generic class comment template.

If you select a class you will see the instance side class definition, click on the 'class' button to see the class side definition, then ‘comment’ to see the comment data.

Instance definition

Class definition

Class comment

or if no comment a class comment template

You can use the back/forward arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate back and forward in the chain of pages you have viewed in the past.

Above the code view pane, and below the selection menus is attribute data about the method.

This shows the person that last changed the method, the timestamp of the change, the category, how many other methods have the same name, and if the method is in a Smalltalk change set. In this case the user PH altered this method on Oct 3rd 2003 at 8:10 am, the category is “logical operations”, there is only one method with the name ‘==>’ in the system, and it is in no change set which usually means it’s part of the base system.  For user names and initials you can find a list at http://map1.squeakfoundation.org/sm/accountsbyinitials

On the top right of the screen the blue Status button,which is only active in portrait orientation, takes you to the Book's status screen.


This book contains the code of an open-source Smalltalk-80 based system called Squeak.  www.squeak.org

Squeak is based on one of the few original Smalltalk-80 licenses sold by Xerox in the 80's

The WikiServer category classes are copyright

Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd  2008-2009

all rights reserved.

The rest of the code is covered by licenses either described in SmalltalkImage>>licenseString,

MAObject>>license, or licenses found in various class or class categories.

Swazoo is based on the LGPL, the book contains all the source code for version 2.1

Contact Us          May 4th 2009 1.0.0


SqueakDocs browser screen

or as shown on a desktop computer