Well Logs

for iPhone & iPad


Well Logs is the only app in the store that lets you view Well Logs on your device without a live network connection.

Introducing LargeViewer PreRendering Helper for iOS, which does the  pre-rendering work on OS-X. Available thru the Mac OS-X App Store


Reading Well Logs:

It may be impossible to transfer Well Logs from Apple’s Mail.app because of limitations on how it views TIFF files. You may need to use Dropbox or iTunes to transfer the file to Well Logs, don’t use your Mail system.

Dropbox Storage:

We are licensed to use the Dropbox developer api. We only read data from Dropbox, we never send data to Dropbox, delete files or touch your Dropbox directory structure.  When you use the DropBox screen we present a file/folder view of your Dropbox directory, Dropbox gives us the file thumbnails. Tap to navigate the folder hierarchy, or tap to download a file. We show the file download progress as Dropbox gives us the contents of the file, once downloaded the file size will turn to blue to indicate we have a copy of the file on the iOS device for immediate access, or offline use.

Local Storage:

You can copy documents into Well Logs by using iTunes to copy files into, delete, or out of the app.  You can also if given the choice ask Well Logs to open various image documents from other Apps. Like email for example.  Well Logs does not need to be running if you want to ask it to open documents from other apps.

The App is copyright 2010, 2011, 2012 Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd.

Artwork from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mud_Log_cDExp1.jpg

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