Fax Viewer

for iPhone & iPad


Fax machines still exist. And many people still use them. Now you view all those faxes on your mobile devices.

TIFF Fax Viewer+ allows you to quickly open any TIFF fax file and read every single page... not just the cover sheet. Even if there are thousands of pages.

Easily expand to full Dropbox capability, TIFF to PDF conversion for easy viewing and sharing, large A0 page formats and the ability to read over 50 different digital file formats.

TIFF Fax Viewer+ features -

🔍 Screaming fast open and scrolling

🔍 Rotate any page in any direction

🔍 Zoom in for crisp detail

🔍 Supports full-color display and printing

🔍 Read your faxes offline

🔍 Multiple languages

🔍 Immediate response and help

Read what happy buyers are saying about TIFF Fax Viewer+:

“Excellent app. Easy to use and works perfectly for reading faxes. Would recommend to anyone that gets faxes electronically. Now my iPhone is complete."

"At last an app which enables you to view multiple-page TIFF files. This along with some reliable customer support makes it a MUST HAVE app. Awesome, and well worth the few dollars."

"Incredible customer service. Emailed a question and was responded to in about 10 minutes.
Asked about additional features and a bug fix and they quickly released an update."

“These guys are amazing! Solid app AND excellent customer service. This is a must-have app, especially if you run a business. Now, I can do everything on my iPhone! Thank you for making this awesome app!!!”

"Finalmente la possibilità di leggere quei maledetti TIFF multipagina. Ora che c'è la conversione in PDF le cinque stelle le merita tutte."